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Liquid Blending
Welcome to Univar Colour
Univar Colour's blending facility allows us to take standard colour products and produce speciality forms unique to customers' requirements.

At Univar Colour we have the technology to disperse colour into a variety of different mediums, either wet or dry, to ensure ease of use in the finished product. This technology also permits us to achieve an infinite number of colour shades whilst ensuring batch to batch consistency every time.

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Liquid Blending

To overcome many processing problems or to help eliminate potential for contamination usually associated with powder products, Univar Colour can produce colours in paste forms such as dispersions in glycerine, sugar syrup, castor oil, vegetable oil or propylene glycol to name a few. We have some standard products but also can create tailor-made colours to our customers' own needs. Applications for our paste products would include lipsticks, soaps, shaving gels and confectionery.

Speedlakes - lakes and pigments dispersed in sugar syrup for the confectionary industry

Glycerine pastes - pigments or dyes predispersed in glycerine, ideal for use in capsules, mouthwashes and cake decorations

Castor oil pastes - castor oil based colour dispersions specifically designed for lipsticks

Printing Inks - Specially formulated food grade printing inks