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Our Colours… Your Way!

Univar Colour will be exhibiting at the major European events below and will be presenting new vibrant colours as well as solutions to meet your needs and market trends.

SCS Formulate – 15-16 November 2016 - Coventry

in-cosmetics Global – 4-6 April 2017 - London

We look forward to seeing you there!

Boost your lipstick formulations

At in-cosmetics 2015®, we have launched new lipstick pastes, vibrant and colourful, using Diisostearylmalate as a carrier, and combining for some of them pearlescent pigments, to add more sparkling effects to your finished products.

Contact us to discover our new orange, Bordeaux, beige and pink colours that will boost your lipstick formulations!

Univar is proud to announce a NEW partnership with US based company Impact Colors

Univar now represents Impact Colors in the following countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and now Poland.

And will be delighted to introduce their comprehensive and innovative range of solutions for the Personal Care market.

Impact Colors delivers an extraordinary spectrum of Colour Effects, Visual Solutions and Inspiration to the Cosmetic and Personal Care Markets Worldwide!

For in-cosmetics® 2015 Impact Colors have launched their new concept for colour travel effect: CHROMAGIX, that will change customers’ point of hue. Contact us to discover how our full range of solutions will provide unique benefits to your cosmetics formulations.

Contact us to discover their colour & beauty trends forecasts 2016, as well as their latest launch Nature XFol - Candelilla Exfolliator Beads.

Colouring tablets for identification purposes in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmaceutical industry generally prefers to keep its products white to convey the sensation of purity. It prevents any misconception that the products are for anything other than its intended purpose. However, sometimes it is essential to colour tablets for identification purposes.

Colouring within a Pharmaceutical product is a complex issue. Very definite regulations and guidelines need to be obeyed. Univar Colour understand the requirements and many of our blends have been developed in collaboration with some of the major Pharmaceutical names.

A company in Germany recently requested an orange blend for their tablets. Univar formulated a blend to meet their criteria and after six months stringent testing has received the first order.

Last Orders…

Some may say alcohol maybe a new area for the Billericay site, others may disagree.

So when a famous vodka company approached us to make a Caramel Flavoured colour to use in their vodka, for some strange reason we volunteered immediately.

It then came as quite a surprise to us that we secured a 1 tonne first order with them. It was a mere bonus we became vodka connoisseurs in the process!

It's the icing on the cake…

When you are thinking about how to decorate this year's Christmas cake, you may be interested to know…the colour of this season is…Green.

Well, to be honest it can be one of many… Did you know the Univar Colour Product Development Laboratory has created the new range of decorative food colours for a leading brand? These are currently selling throughout the UK in supermarkets. Green and Blue seem to be selling the fastest; however, we also make a Pink, Red, Yellow and Black. We have sold approximately 28 tonnes of these colours to date.

So we can exclude guilty feelings about indulging ourselves in cakes as long as we decorate using our colours!

Okay, our waistlines may not strictly appreciate it but I am sure our stomachs will.